All Our Teardrop Camp Trailers are built on high-clearance heavy duty steel “Overland Style” trailer bases with 15″ wheels, full-size tires and “Step On” load bearing fenders. They are fully insulated from floor to ceiling keeping them nice and warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer. We even line the undercarriage with aluminum for a long lasting 360 degree watertight seal. Each Trailer has a Pop Up Galley Kitchen in the back with partitioned shelving, 2 gallon water tank, sink, pop up counter, under counter storage, LED lighting, voltage meter and USB charging station. They are powered by a 12V 35amp deep cycle battery that will typically last 3-5 days on a single charge. If you opt for the rooftop solar option (highly recommended) you’ll never need to charge the battery.

They are Ultra-Lite (950-1,200lb) and can be towed by a Subaru or almost any other vehicle with a hitch. They can even be moved by hand to places full sized campers could never fit. There is no need to “winterize” or stress about parking, towing, set up or storage. Camping is supposed to be fun, not work and in a Teardrop it’s about as easy as it gets. We build them simply for comfortable minimalist camping but from there we can add extras if you like.

We make 3 sizes of Teardrop: 5×8, 5×10 and 6×12:

The 5×8 (5ft wide by 8ft long) is the traditional Teardrop size. The Cabin has two doors so you can enter/exit from both sides and porthole window on the driver side. The windows and doors are tinted for privacy w/ screened sliders that open for cross ventilation. The Cabin fits any queen sized mattress, has LED lighting and partitioned shelving. The interior cabin is 58.5″ wide x 79″ long x 46″ tall. The Total exterior length from hitch to tail is 13’5″, wheel to wheel width 6’10”, Height 6″. Total trailer weight is 950lb. Priced at $8,795.

Our most popular model is the 5×10 Family Style Teardrop. Built for Campers with young children or those who want a bit more cabin space than a traditional Teardrop. It also fits a queen sized mattress but comes with 2 extra feet of cabin length and shelves that can be used as either a bunk bed or extra storage. The bunk is just under 5 feet long so they’re ideal for younger kids. We also add an extra door so you can exit/enter from either side of the camper and a Porthole Window for extra light and ventilation. The Interior Cabin is 58.5″ wide x 96″ long x 46″ tall. The Total exterior length from hitch to tail is 15’5″, wheel to wheel width 6’10”, Height 6″. Total trailer weight 1,200lb. Priced at $9,295.

New this year The Double Family 6×12. Built for campers with 2 or more small children the 10 foot long cabin fits a king sized bed with two possible configurations. Option one we install two side by side 30″ x 50″ bunks at the foot of the bed. These bunks are ideal for younger kids under 50″ and the bunks fit a crib style mattress perfectly. Under the bunks there’s cabinets with four separate storage compartments for clothes and supplies. For bigger kids we have Option Two, this option offers a full size platform that will fit a full sized mattress (70.5″x 54″) under the front of the platform at the foot of the bed there’s front facing storage cubbies and outside the camper we add external storage cabinets. To get a visual of these options check out our pictures page Pictures

We add an extra door so you can exit/enter from either side of the camper and a two Porthole Windows for extra light and ventilation. The Interior Cabin is 70.5″ wide x 108″ long x 46″ tall. The Total exterior length from hitch to tail is 17’5″, wheel to wheel width 7’10”, Height 6″. Total trailer weight 1,750lb. Priced at $12,995.

From there you might want to customize a Teardrop to fit your specific needs here’s a breakdown of your options.

À la carte Additions:

  • 70 Watt Roof Mounted Solar Panel and Charge Controller $350 (highly recommended)
  • Cabin USB Charging Port $100
  • Max Fan 10 Speed 2 Way Powered Roof Vent $300 (highly recommended)
  • Tongue Mounted Cargo Box Diamond Plate $200 (fits 5×8 & 5x10s)
  • Super Sized Tongue Mounted Cargo Box Black Diamond Plate $400 (fits 6×12)
  • Tongue Mounted Full Size Spare Tire $300
  • Bike/Cargo Rack Receiver Hitch $200
  • Upgraded Kitchen w/ Partitioned Drawer, Spice Rack and Wine/Liquor Rack $300
  • Aluminum Counter Top $100
  • Large 27″ Partitioned Galley Drawer $100
  • Soap Dispenser $100
  • Shore Water Faucet Hookup $250
  • Additonal 12V 35AMP Deep Cycle Battery $150 (all builds come with one battery)
  • 24×15 Tinted Screened Slider Window  $300
  • AC Shore Power Hookup with Kitchen, Cabin Outlets and Battery Charger $300
  • AC shore Power Outlets Without Battery Charger $200 (solar recommended)
  • Yakima Roof Rack Mounts (Installed) $225
  • Yakima Roof Rack Setup w/ Mounts, 1A Towers and 66″ Crossbars (Installed) $675
  • Yakima Slim Shady 78″x78″ Awning (roof racks required) $300
  • Yakima SkyRise Rooftop Tent Small 48″ X 84″ X 42″ High $999 (roof racks required)
  • Yakima SkyRise Rooftop Tent Medium  56″ x 96″ x 48″ High $1,499 (roof racks required)
  • Yakima RoadShower 7 Gallon (roof racks required) $440
  • 20LB Mounted Propane Tank Holder $250
  • 5LB Side Mounted Propane Tank Holder $200 (recommended)

A new Teardrop takes about 3 weeks to build. To get started we require half the cost upfront as a non-refundable deposit and the rest upon pick up.

We usually have a few used rental Teardrops for sale in the Fall and offer off-season discounts for builds November-February.

To get started call, text or email us:


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