Week took our Teardrop down to the Lower D to try out our new Floatilla kayak design. It rained both nights but we had a nice pocket of sunny skies during our 12 mile float down to camp where our cozy fully insulated Teardrop Camper waited for us. https://youtu.be/5R9HEM69ar8


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  1. Melissa Jean Yager August 19, 2020 — 5:13 am

    Hello! I am very interested in your Flotilla and am wondering how available they are or what the wait time is. I am considering the following add ons: rack and awning, solar panel, storage trunk, window and screen and would like a ball park estimate. I live in the Applegate Valley and would like to come to Bend and rent a teardrop to try it out with my Subaru Outback. Please let me know and I’ll plan accordingly. Thank you, Jean Yager


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