6×12 Bunk Options


We offer two bunk configurations in our 6×12 Double Family Style Teardrop Campers. Option 1 is two side by side crib sized bunks with inside accessed under bunk cabinets. Or option 2 one full size mattress platform with small front facing under bunk storage cubby’s and outside accessed storage compartments.


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  1. Just saw your YouTube Video of the Family Bunk bed Trailer, just wondering how much it would cost. It would be with the side by side bunks. Thanks

  2. Do you make a one with a wet shower? And sleep up to three people? If so how much the cost and how long it takes to build? Thanks much!

  3. I do like your trailers, especially the 6X12, my dog and I would visit my 6 year old grandson would like to camp with us, a 2 to 3 day trip, I am 72 years old, I would l need a toilet, a cassette toilet would work. I would be able to install one and cabinet with a cover. I would like a exterior hatch where I could remove the cassette. I am open to suggestions .


    • Hi Tony,

      We don’t do toilets or holding tanks but you could do a portable toilet and an awning setup with walls then you’d have a private bathroom to the side of the camper.

  4. I’m assuming AC can be added to these builds. What would the price look like on a 6X12 full bunk with AC and awnings. Hot water system and beds.

  5. Do you have the 6×12 in stock or build upon order?

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