Ski Camp

While walking up to the chair line from the West Village Lot at Mt. Bachelor you may have noticed a few camp spots with full hookups. There have always been campers at Bachelor but these designated hook up spots are new this year. Mt. Bachelor offers these spot on a first come first serve basis for $50 a night. They just provide power but that can make a big difference when it’s 15 degrees outside. I grabbed my Bend Teardrop Camper, my snowboard, a few beers, a buddy and decided to check it out.

We arrived around 3pm and pulled into one of the many available spots. There was about 2 feet of fresh snow but our ultra-lite Teardrop pulled easily into position. When snow camping it’s a good idea to pack a shovel to clear your area and that’s what we did. They let you have open fires in the parking lot so we took full advantage and actually set up two fire pits, one propane, one wood and a charcoal grill for our dinner which was asparagus and a couple lovely ribeye steaks.

After sundown the parking lot becomes a party we spent the evening going from campfire to campfire chatting up the other like minded snow campers hoping to get a jump on the storm in search of fresh tracks in the morning. I then retired to the comfy confines of my Bend Teardrop Trailer. These Teardrop Campers are fully insulated so a heater is not necessary but in a snowstorm expected to bring 4-7 inches, strong winds and 15 degree temperatures I took full advantage of the shore power the camp site provided and ran a tiny space heater which provided a nice level of luxury. I slept on top of the covers most of the night and awoke to 5 inches of fresh snow in the parking lot. It was so nice just to sleep in and still be one of the first in line for the chair not having to sit in traffic or stress about icy road conditions. We skied all morning then back to the Teardrop for lunch, a beer and a little siesta. All and all camping at Mt. Bachelor is a fun experience. Pack a shovel, a ton of wood, some beers and if your feeling fancy a little spacer heater.

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