Crooked River

Last Wednesday we had our first 80 degree day of the year so me and little man took our 5×8 Teardrop out to the Crooked River for an impromptu camp mission. We were already on the road by 9am since camping is so easy in a Teardrop. Our tongue mounted storage box is always packed with our gear and hooking up the trailer takes only a few minutes. An hour later we pulled into our spot at Chimney Rock Campground, popped open the Galley Kitchen, put out a few chairs and we were all set up.

Since we had all day to hang out we took advantage of it, we floated 3 miles downriver and hiked up to Chimney Rock. After a day of adventure we made a tasty three course meal in the Teardrop’s Galley kitchen and capped off the night with a nice campfire. We then slept comfortably on a real queen sized mattress inside our fully insulated and well ventilated cabin.

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