Paulina Lake 

Lake Friday a crew of Dads and kids took an impromptu trip to up to Paulina Lake. I threw some snacks in the Galley and a few outfits in the Cabin of the Teardrop Camper and off we went. When we got to the lake the campground was pretty full but we found a nice site right on the water. I unhooked the Teardrop and hand moved the ultra light Camper to a cozy spot down by the shore. After a day on the lake, tasty dinner and snores for desert we slept comfortably in the queen sized cabin on a real mattress, which makes all the difference. Paulina gets pretty cold at night so it was quite nice sleeping off the ground in the Camper. 

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  1. We love Paulina Lake! Stop in at Paulina Lake Lodge to have some good food including their berry cobbler. The Teardrop is a great way to see Central Oregon!

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