Teardrops for rent

Last year we built our first little custom Teardrop Trailer. It’s a little 4×8 just big enough to fit a full size bed with a basic galley setup in the back. After an epic Summer of field testing our build, taking it on several excursions around central Oregon and beyond we are hooked on these little trailers. They are ultralight, easy to tow, a breeze to setup camp and a real head turner. Everywhere we went people would come out of the woodwork to inquire about our little Teardrop Trailer. So much so we came up with an idea. Why not build a few more of these things and rent them out on the cheap so people can enjoy the Teardrop experience for themselves and that is how Bend Teardrop was born. 

Our new trailers are 6×8 and 5×8 they sleep 2 comfortably on a queen sized bed and we provide the fresh linens. The galley kitchen comes equipped with everything you need to for a few nights in the woods; propane stove, kitchen utensils, cooler, toiletries etc… Since trailers weigh under 500 lbs they can be towed by almost any vehicle with a hitch. Since we’re based in Bend Oregon you can literally pick up a Teardrop, head up the Cascade Lakes Highway and have camp setup on a beautiful spot within an hour. And once your hooked we can build you your very own custom Teardrop Trailer! 

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  1. Interested in your Teardrop trailers. traveling to bend this Saturday 1/27/18, Can I view your trailers?


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